Which type of kit do I buy? 

If your car came stock with power door locks or you have previously installed power locks in your car or truck, you'll need one of the alarm or keyless entry systems shown in the 3rd list below.

If you want to add an alarm or keyless entry system to your car or truck and your vehicle came with manual locks, you'll need one of the combination kits listed below.

Does my car have cables or rods?

Vehicles today come with 2 types of door lock systems.  Those actuated with rod style linkage and the newer style of cable actuated linkage.  Almost all cars built prior to 2003 have rod style linkage.  GM, Ford and Dodge Full size trucks still have rod style linkage.  In 1999, the Ford Focus became the first car on the market with cable actuated door lock linkage.  From 2003 there is a greater chance that a vehicle will have cable linkage.  If you're not sure which style linkage you have, we recommend pulling off a door panel and checking it out before ordering.

Click here for More information on Cable and Rod style door lock linkage.  This page opens in a new window.  Simply close page when finished.






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